Saturday, October 22, 2011

pregnancy blog

Since being pregnant, I have started another blog, so this one is left to the way side for a while.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amazing Times

Dan and I have found a church that we'd like to get to know more about and attend regularly.  They have small groups that I'd like to attend, but I was concerned that I would not be able to attend on a regular basis since I work night shift and varied shifts. 

Today I had an interview at Indiana University School of Nursing.  I accepted a part-time teaching position that I am thrilled about.  It will be 2 sessions on Tuesdays, so I asked my hospital manager if I could have off on Mondays and Tuesdays.  IU Health (the hospital that I work at) has a contract with IU to be flexible with schedules in order to provide instructors.  My manager was happy to support me and that thrilled me.

I also realized that I can attend small group on Tuesdays since I'll be free those nights!  Praise God!  All the details, big to small, were taken care of in this!  I couldn't be happier!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

facebook "about me"

My "about me" on facebook hasn't been updated in a while, so I thought I'd paste my travels here and delete that on my account.

Sept-March--lived in Portugal
*Went to Merida, Spain for the first time*
June-Aug--Honeymoon/Digging in Portugal
Dec--Christmas in Portugal

I can't remember, but we went to Portugal

World Cup in Germany + Brussels, Paris, & Amsterdam (and of course Portugal)!
Dug in Merida, Spain

June 11-July 20 Portugal/Merida, Spain
July 21-mid Aug Chicago, MN, WI
Sept--backpacking outside of Seattle
Oct--nursing in Tanzania

Jan--my brother-in-law's wedding in Brazil
(New Years in Rio!!!!)
June--St. Louis (Dan's hs reunion)
Aug--moved to Merida, SPAIN
Dec--Sevilla, Lisbon

Feb--Andorra (the country)
March--Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Cordoba, and Cadiz, SPAIN
June--Moved back to Cinci
Sept--DC, Chicago, Tucson
Dec--San Antonio

Jan--Anaheim, CA
May--WI/MN, West Virgina mountains
July--Kansas City, MO
August--Monticello, KY

Jan--San Antonio
July--Moved to Bloomington, IN

Sunday, July 10, 2011

We're here!

Ok, we've been Bloomington for a week and a half, but I have finally gotten around to posting.  Our move went so smoothly with only one hang up.  The movers did a great job loading the truck.  Dan and I can't stand sitting around, so we actually helped them pack the truck.  When we arrived in B-town, we found that our apartment was not up to par.  The floor boards that were scratched were pulled up despite us telling the apartment manager that we did not mind the scratches.  There was a broken light bulb on the kitchen counter and a pile of 1000 nails.  The toilet was disgusting and just because I'm a nurse, I prefer to keep my gross duties at work and not clean up after others in my own home.

Thankfully, Dan got a hold of the manager and the maintenance guy and things were taken care of right away.  There is still a list of "to dos", but it is much more manageable. 

We only had two days to unpack before my parents arrived for a 4 day stay.  We did well, but there were a lot of boxes left when they came.  Since I'm so particular about where things go, I told them to relax and that we'd explore Bloomington together.  We enjoyed going to Monroe Lake, walking around campus, attending the fireworks, and eating at amazing restaurants.  My parents loved B-Town as much as I do I think! 

I had my first week of work which was just computer training.  It has been hard to sit in front of a computer all day, but it is going fine.  I am so excited to start, but I am nervous as well!  I am also extremely excited that I get to teach at IU as well!  This is great for my career!

Well, last week we tried one church and we're going to go to a different one this morning.  There were 3 churches that I was interested in, but we'll see how today goes.  We're praying that God leads us into a place where we can serve.

Lastly, we are hoping our friends and family will be able to visit us soon!!!  We love it here and look forward to some great camping and hiking!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So much has happened in the last few weeks.  I'm so happy that Dan is graduated and that is a very long chapter that we can close.  We got the keys to our apartment and hired movers for June 29th, so we have been packing.  We are almost done and we're a week early!  We're off to Houston this weekend for a wedding, so we wanted everything done before that time.

We have also spent each day with friends.  We had the warmest send off from our church.  I didn't realize how emotionally attached I was and was thankful for all the love and blessing we received from everyone.  I also was sad to leave work friends.  Everyone was so kind and I'll miss the teamwork of the unit.

The only bad thing that has happened is that it keeps raining.  We need just a few more boxes, but we cannot get any in the rain.  They would never dry out in our basement apartment.  Thankfully, we'll have tomorrow and next Mon and Tue.  See you in Indiana!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is something that has been on my mind for a long while.  I used to 
wonder how many of these people on the street corner were lazy, but'
God says this isn't something that I should judge.  I need to meet people's 
needs.  I was given a lot in life and it is selfish to not care for others as 
Jesus calls me to do.  The problem is in what to give.  I just can't give 
money every time.  I hate enabling addictions when someone is starving.  
Dan and I bought protein bars to pass out while we're driving, but somehow 
that just doesn't seem enough.  Lord, teach me to be Your hands and feet 
to serve others and not just be comfortable in my own ways.
“Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food.
If one of you says to him, ‘Go, I wish you well; keep warm and
well fed,’ but does nothing about his physical needs, what good
is it?” James 2:15-16 (NIV)

Faith is more than something you just feel. Many people confuse emotions and feelings with faith. They come to church and they’re moved emotionally, they're inspired, and they're stimulated. But that doesn’t mean they’re walking in faith.
The Bible says faith is something we do, not just what we feel. In other
words, faith is not mere sentimentality. Let’s say I go out on the street
and I see someone who is homeless and destitute. I see that person is
hungry, cold, in need of clothing and shelter. Would I be showing great
faith if I walked up and said, “Cheer up! Don't worry, be happy! Feel
good! Put on a happy face?” It doesn’t take much faith to do that. Faith
carries compassion. 'Faith says, “I’ll do anything I can to stop your hurt.”
Throughout theNew Testament, the witnesses say Jesus was moved
with compassion for people. Jesus showed us that faith is practical.
When we see a need, we do something about it. We don't just toss
out a quick - “Well, I'll pray for you.”
The Bible says we show our faith by what we do.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Things are going so well for me in the job search, though nothing is permanent yet.  I had a phone interview for possible teaching opportunities at Indiana University's College of Nursing.  I told the associate dean that I am more interested in teaching their labs (basic nursing skills, assessment, and critical care multi-systems) and precepting students in the clinical setting over giving a lecture at this point.  I said I'd like more experience before getting into the formal classroom setting.

I was thrilled then to talk to the other hospital in town and set up an interview for their critical care and emergency department.  Though I was offered a job in the small hospital, it frightens me to come from a place that has multiple resources available to a small place where I am sort of on my own.  It would be a welcomed challenge and I am excited if that is where God places me, but I'm keeping my options open for now.

Dan defends on Wed, so we are just thrilled that this transition is happening so smoothly.  We are not looking forward to the literal move, but we are so excited for this next chapter in our life.  We have been in Cincinnati 8 years and since it is a college town, we have seen a lot of friends move on and move away.  We have hit that season and it will be hard to say goodbye to those who will remain here.  Dan and I started our married life together here and Cincinnati will always have a special place in my heart for that and our academic careers as well.  As we turn the page and start the new chapter, we will look back at our time in Cincinnati with fond memories.